Sunday, March 15, 2020

City Shut down /Tea Tasting (Prague, CZ)

This last week has been crazy in CZ.  First schools were shut down, the country declared that it was in an emergency state, the country closed its borders and now all restaurants, bars, gyms, stores, everything is closed except for grocery stores and pharmacies.  The bus drivers do not collect money on the buses either.  When I got on the bus, it was empty.  However as we got closer to Prague, more people got onto the bus.  I wanted to walk around Prague and take some pictures of the empty city. What shocked me the most was that there was a big tour group of old people still walking around Vaclav Namesti.  They were European and I couldn't believe that they were on a tour. All stores had signs indicating that they were closed.  The fast food chains were open for takeaway.  People were eating on benches.  Trams were empty.  It was eery.  Then I found a beautiful tree that was in bloom.  The flowers on it were beautiful! Then I went with my friend to enjoy some tea with a tea master.  We got to enjoy 3 types of green tea (apparently pretty expensive and exclusive), an oolong tea and then a black tea.  The experience was really nice and I will probably organize some events in the future after this craziness is over.

I thought maybe I could have a VIP bus
not as many people as usual for a Saturday around lunchtime
lots of closed stores
these places have always been open
first closed sign
lots of space
another closed sign
just one old man
twilight zone
castle in the distance
tree in bloom
all white
close up
beautiful blue skies
nice clouds
tea preparation
first green tea
reminded me of an aquarium
tea leaves are poured into the bowl
all the tea leaves we used
oolong tea
gotta throw the glasses into the mix
yummy spicy nuts
China  10,014
back home at sunset

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Roll and Eat: Summer Roll Preparation Course (Prague, CZ)

I hadn't seen a friend of mine since the beginning of December, so I wanted to find something fun for us to do when we met up again.  I was looking on the website Slevomat for some ideas. I wanted something for the weekend and I came across a Summer Roll Preparation Course.  It looked pretty fun, so I decided that it would be a great option for us.  Normally you are supposed to make a reservation 24 hrs before, but I didn't see that information until the night before. I called the same morning I wanted to go and they were super nice.  They allowed my friend and I to join at 1pm.  We got some delicious lemonade before the course started. I got passion fruit and my friend got lychee.  We were able to catch up and discuss things before the course started.  The chef, Fugi, was super nice.  My friend and I were his first English speaking customers, so we got to be part of his first English course.  Since I am organizing cooking classes, I think he will be a perfect person to lead a cooking course for Cooking Club Prague. I will think of some ideas and there is a possibility that I will organize a cooking class with him and the club for April.  His explanations were great and there weren't any confusions.  Of course I had to get him and the staff to wear my glasses.  When I told him that I had over 10,000 people with the same glasses he couldn't believe it.  Then I told him my story of the 10,000th person earlier the same week with Clemens Rehbein he actually got goosebumps from hearing my story.  It was cool. Thanks for a great course!  I will def go back to the restaurant for a poke bowl next time!!

rice paper and fillings
my colorful roll!
Vietnam   10,013

Monday, March 9, 2020

Food Tasting (Prague, CZ)

I'm organizing a professional French cooking class at the end of the month and the chef wanted me to taste what will be on the menu.  I got to try the main dish and dessert.  The main dish will be beef bourguignon and the dessert will be eclairs.  The beef in the main dish was absolutely AMAZING.  It was so soft and tender.  I didnt need a knife for the beef, it just melted.  I was so happy because I was starving by the time I got to the kitchen.  Then as sides there were mushrooms and onions.  They were also delicious.  For dessert I got to sample the eclairs.  Most likely on the day of the class they will be chocolate.  The tasting I had was strawberry because the chef was able to get fresh ones and wanted to try it out.  They were sooo good!!! We all had fun tasting the wonderful food.  I am looking forward to the class, which will be March 28th! 

beef bourguignon
mushrooms and onions
blueberries and rose petals as toppers
close up of the strawberry toppers

Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Czech Republic

Italy  10,010

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Local Legends and Ghost Stories (Prague, CZ)

I was looking for things to do on Wednesday because my students were on spring vacation. I came across a free night walking tour that included local legends and ghost stories given by a local woman.  It looked pretty interesting so I decided to join.  Before going on the tour I went for a walk on my favorite island in Prague and came across several coypu.  They were so cute even though their teeth and tail are quite intimidating.  The tour began at Charles Bridge.  We were first told about the legends of the water men.  The story was quite good.  Then we walked on the bridge and were told some more legends and stories.  Apparently King Charles IV laid the first stone for the Charles Bridge in 1357 on the 9th July at 5:31 am. This precise time was chosen because the pattern forms a numerical bridge 135797531, which Charles believed would reinforce the bridge’s strength.  I knew about the year, but I didn't know about the exact date and time, so that was great information. Then we walked towards the clock and Jewish area.  It was such a nice night and I got to learn some local legends. As an added bonus I got to discover a neat place for tea/coffee in the center.  It was great and I recommend the tour to everyone! Thanks Petra for a nice walk!

one of my favorite views of Prague
this coypu just wanted to crawl up on me
nice reflections
baby coypu
touch all the stars with one hand and make a wish!
the castle in all its glory
numerology is important
I had to wear them after the 10,000th person before getting 10,001!!
narrowest hotel in Europe
Czech Republic  10,001
nice mosaic ceiling
the iconic astronomical clock
close up
even more of a close up
Czech Republic
Golem on the streets!
Czech Republic
nice group for the tour